Free time

Public swimming pool Jezero, on the left bank of the Labe river, offers pleasant surroundings for lovers of swimming, ball games and relaxation.

Reception of the golf club is located inside a building of Radiotelegraphy transmitter in Na Zálesí Street.

Horse riding
We arrange horse riding lessons for beginners, adults and children (10 years and over)
in Riding Club Obora Poděbrady.
For more experienced riders there is possibility to ride horses through countryside with an experienced instructor.

Tennis club LTC Poděbrady in Pavlovova street.

Shooting sport

Hiking, bicycle touring and inline and roller-skating
Near the anchorage of a riverboat you can find an old arm of Labe river which is called Skupice. A walk in this area is one of the most pleasant in Poděbrady and its environs. Despite occasional disrespect to environment it has not lost any of its picturesque beauty. By the way, visitors are guided by an educational footpath with nine stops. Nature rezerve called Libický luh spreads out to the east. It is an area of riparian woodland with pools and blind river arms. In the past it spread continuously along the Labe river. Larger and smaller remainders of such woodland environments can be found near the confluence of the rivers Labe and Cidlina.
Bicycle path that runs along the Labe river is a popular area for lovers of hiking, bicycle touring and inline and roller-skating. Bicycle path is lined with several restaurants which can, upon sport activity, serve as a pleasant place to relax and refresh under the full-grown treetops.
Spa town colonnade and a park are other places for a pleasant walk or a nice relax in cafes.
History of spa treatments in Poděbrady goes back to 1904, when Arnošt Filip Hohenlohe von Schillingfurst commissioned to extract mineral water from a spring at the depth of 96,7m in chateau courtyard. In 1908 spa in Poděbrady was solemnly consecrated and the first spa season started. Poděbradská mineral water is alkalic-earthy highly carbonated water. It is used for treatment procedures of heart diseases and for curing circulatory systém. It is used primarily externally in form of baths. During vasodilation pressure or pulse frequency cannot decrease, on the contrary, during vasodilation pressure increases.

Located 150m from the guest house.

Sightseeing cruise on Labe
A riverboat is anchored 150m from the guest house.